It's easy


Kermit the Frog sang "It's not easy being green" but he was wrong. It is. It is a state of mind. A conscious approach to thinking about the environment first and last. And then, asking ourselves if what we are about to do is good or bad for the environment.

And then, adjusting ourselves if necessary.

It isn't rocket science.

When we decided to develop our business in landscape in 2002, we realized then that our very role in business was firmly tied to nature and in turn to the environment. We weren't creating a factory that churned out widgets ... no we were setting about to work with plants and trees, water and earth. If this fact wasn't enough to convince us that we were becoming environmentalists then we were embarking on the wrong course.

We embraced our role as servants of the soil. We tend to it, we feed it, we nurture it. And we would never harm it.

So when it comes to tasks like chemical spraying or water conservation, we are very conscious about the impact of our actions. We talk about this openly with our employees and we instill this ethos in them (if they don't already have it) so that their actions are a reflection of our policies and goals.

Our goal is to leave a positive environmental footprint on everything we do. And frankly, when your mind is already in the game, it is easy to be green. Sorry Kermit.